image of the big climate conversation 2022 logo, with the votes for schools logo underneath - the v is stylised as a tick. A group of students in black and white are in the bottom right of the image.

Big Climate Conversation 2022

The Big Climate Conversation 2022 was Waltham Forest Council's second annual climate summit programme. 1000s of students across Waltham Forest took part between 7 - 18 November and had their opinions included in a VotesforSchools report. 

The Big Climate Conversation lesson is still available here for any KS2 + students in Waltham Forest to take part in and makes a great start to a climate or social action themed topic or a sustainability themed off-timetable day. It took 1 - 1.5 hours to run and  included essential knowledge about the climate emergency and lots of discussion questions about what actions are being planned in Waltham Forest and what might be the obstacles to change.

Find the reports, resources and a brief teacher introduction video from VotesforSchools below.