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Schools & Colleges Climate Charter

Schools & Colleges Climate Charter

This ambitious document draws together sustainability learning, decarbonizing and a culture of caring for the planet. It has been developed with local teachers, school staff cross council teams and local people with expertise in education and sustainability, and paves the way for whole school climate action.

Any school and college can sign up to show their commitment to climate action and make use of the charter wherever they are on their sustainability journey. The suggestions and advice it contains can be tailored to suit all settings.

Tips and action ideas are organised by eight themes:

  • Curriculum for Sustainability
  • Buildings & Energy
  • Food
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Circular Economy & Waste
  • Climate Justice
  • Nature & Resilience 

Read the Climate Charter

Climate Action Toolkit

Accompanying the Charter is a Climate Action Toolkit hosted on The Hub. 

It reflects the structure of the Charter and is divided into resources ‘for senior leaders and governors’, ‘for school business leaders and estates teams’ and ‘for teachers: curriculum and enrichment’.

 If you have followed the toolkit symbol from the Climate Charter, find the relevant resource in this table of toolkit links by theme.

You can find the teaching resources organised by charter theme here on The Hive.

Visit the Climate Action Toolkit
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