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Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy provides learners with a clear understanding and ‘an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’ Since starting The Carbon Literacy Project has certified over 80,000 citizens across the globe and saved approx. 213,000t of CO2e.

Our vision at The Hive is to inspire tomorrow’s climate leaders, and to do that we need educate and empower not just young people, but adults with the influence to create change now, for the benefit of us all.

Since declaring a Climate Emergency in 2019, London Borough of Waltham Forest has been reducing its carbon emissions by including divesting pension out of fossils fuels, strengthening cycling infrastructure, securing £1.7m to retrofit Council homes and investing £4.5m into The Hive to showcase sustainable practices and climate education.

As part of the continuing work, The Hive is delivering Carbon Literacy Training in partnership with The Carbon Literacy Project for sectors across London. The courses below use local London examples to illustrate impactful climate action and teach staff across all departments and teams how to reduce their carbon emissions through their work.

All courses are accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust and are delivered by accredited Carbon Literacy Facilitators and Trainers.

The course covers:

      - The science behind climate change
      - Social equity & climate change
      - What you can do to act on climate change
      - Strategies and skills for communicating action on climate change

Courses we offer:

      - General staff in Local Authorities
      - Leadership and Management in Local Authorities
      - Elected Members in Local Authorities
      - Staff and Students in FE Colleges
      - Staff and Students in Universities
      - Primary, Secondary and Outdoor Teachers - found out more about our Teachers course
      - KS3 and KS4 Students
      - Coming soon... for the Workplace

Pricing for education sector groups:

Per outreach course for groups of up to 20 
£1320 + VAT minimum charge for up to 12 people 
plus £110 + VAT per each additional person, up to 20 people total. 
£10 per certificate per person (no VAT)

Pricing for local authorities:

Per outreach course for groups of up to 20 
£1560 + VAT minimum charge for up to 12 people 
plus £130 + VAT per each additional person, up to 20 people total. 
£10 per certificate per person (no VAT)

Additional travel charges
Waltham Forest - Free 
London Zones 1 - 6 - £30 
Greater London, Essex, Herts & Kent - £50 
Other/further - Discretionary 

For more information about other types of bookings such as in person at The Hive, online or other sectors please use the link below to contact us.


"Really in depth and informative, lot of area covered in short space of time and engaging."
WF Head of Schools Delivery

"Only when this is given the same status as maths and English will we reach a tipping point of action. The biggest factor to impact engagement is a love of the outdoors and natural world. This happens through daily lessons that have the same value as other subjects. This will never be the case when schools are forced to teach towards SATS. Bigger picture needs to be explored."
Waltham Forest Primary School Teacher

"I would say it is an eye opener, there are good tips how we can contribute to tackle climate change and any question we have can be answered on the training." 
WF Audit Executive

"A very informative and educational day learning about the climate emergency and the changes that we can make in our lives."
Haringey Learning & Development Specialist

"The facilitators were very knowledgeable and keen to discuss different aspects that were raised by the group, always linking this to the training and Carbon Literacy."
WF Head of Supply Chain

"All Council employees should go through this or other format of climate litercy training to enable the council to meet its climate targets."
Climate Action and Sustainability Lead Officer Sustainability - Enfield