picture of some beech levaes in the canopy with the suns rays shining through


Wellbeing is foundational to quality of life and includes our physical, mental and emotional health. At every age and stage, we can all benefit from exploring what we need to be happy and healthy and learning new ways to support ourselves. Many of us grow up without realising just how much control we have over our inner experience of life - how we can choose our response to what life throws at us. These programmes are designed to help everyone find their power.*

  • Wellbeing for your class

    ‘Natural Ways to Wellbeing’

    Inspire greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, with a toolbox of approaches that pupils can apply in their everyday lives.

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  • Wellbeing for your staff

    ‘Roots of Wellbeing’

    Nurture your greatest asset: you and your staff. Strong roots lead to healthy fruits!

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  • Therapeutic interventions using nature

    ‘Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches’

    Capacity-building training for your setting or a bespoke therapeutic intervention for small groups.

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*While our course leader is therapeutically trained, these programmes are not a substitute for working with licenced health professionals.