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Climate Leadership Programmes

The Hive runs a range of Climate Leadership courses. These are exciting, future- thinking opportunities for KS4 + students to deepen their understanding and skills. They will learn about the causes and impacts of climate change and how they can step up, inspire others and enact real change in a way that suits their skills and ambitions.

Explore the courses below:

  • Climate Action Leaders

    For KS4+ and college students

    A comprehensive programme which provides students the skills and resources to make a difference. Sessions with Hive tutors will be scheduled for Spring and Summer term and students will work to complete a project in between these lessons.

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  • Creative Climate Leaders

    For KS4+ and college students

    This programme takes the form of a brief for students taking art, design, media and drama courses; could be a whole class or a group that select to do an additional project.

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  • Climate Leaders Week

    For ages 16 - 21 years

    This is a 4 day summer programme of climate and ecology skills including Carbon Literacy accreditation.
    This year it is taking place
    Tuesday 16 - Friday 19 July, 2024. 

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The summit was a very enjoyable experience and one I found really worthwhile. I and my fellow attendees will now be working hard to raise awareness amongst other students about climate change and how young people can do their bit.

Franky Misky, Willowfield School attendee at Waltham Forest Climate Summit for Schools and Colleges 2021