wellies in stream with pebbles

Post-16 Geography

Water cycle Loughton Brook, Loughton, Essex. 1 day course available September -April. (Note; water levels early in the season can be very low).

Ecosystems 1 day course April-October Specification links: AQA: 3.1.6 Ecosystems under stress, Ecosystem and processes, Ecosystems in the British Isles over time, Local ecosystem.

Students will have the opportunity to investigate succession of plant communities (including seral stages and climatic climax). Systematic sampling will be used to study the abiotic and biotic factors of succession on the distribution and abundance of plant species from grassland into temperate deciduous woodland ecosystem. Consideration will be given to the effects of human impact, management and conservation strategies on the area.

Data presentation and Analysis Spearman’s Rank statistical test and interpreting the result. Contact us to discuss availability. Confirmation will follow from receipt of your completed booking.

Specification links:

AQA 3.1.1 Physical Geography/Water and Carbon Cycles Edexcel 3: Physical Systems and Sustainability, Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

OCR Topic 1.2: Earth’s Life Support Systems Eduqas Section A – Global Systems, 2.1: Water and the Carbon Cycle

Students will investigate elements of the water cycle; collecting data, discussing the processes, the geology of the drainage basin, how this affects infiltration rates and river discharge. The physical and human factors that increase the risk of flooding will also be considered. Students will visit a flood alleviation / management scheme to observe how management strategies can reduce flood risk.

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