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Climate Signposting - teaching resources

These resource recommendations are organised by the themes in the Waltham Forest Schools & Colleges Climate Charter. 
The theme 'Curriculum for Sustainability' isn't listed; teaching any of these lessons along with a discussion about possible action (at any scale) is addressing this theme  

Resources are listed with the subjects that there are clear curriculum links for, however there are many other possible subject links if you get creative.

Collections of cross theme resources

Earth Cubs - resources for young learners on a range of sustainability topics, includes Worlds Largest Lesson resources
Link to all subjects

Transform Our World - Searchable database of individual lesson plans and assemblies, to full-scale year-long programmes, on a wide rage of topics.
Age 4 - 14+
Searchable by nearly all school subjects

Sustainable Development Goals - Resources for educators compiled by UNESCO, organised by SDG
EYFS - Post 16
Link to all subjects

Force of Nature podcast
Not lesson resources

Podcasts exploring different aspects of the climate and ecological crisis through the lens of mental health
For older students and teachers

Climate change specific resources

Teaching for a Better World - Thoughtbox Education
Three free topics from their Think and Thrive curriculum, registration required
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5 / Post 16
Cross subject

Shaping Our Future - WWF
Three lessons; can be taught as a standalone lesson or as a series of cross-curricular lessons
Geography, Science, English, Art, ICT

Buildings and Energy

Energy Sparks
KS1 - KS5
Geography, Science, Citizenship, Design Technology, Maths, English

Energy Saving Trust - Energy Saving Challenge
Set of five lessons
KS3, KS4
Tutor time, Geography, PSHE, Citizenship

Sustainable Architecture - provide by RIBA
Four part cross-curricular project
KS3, KS4
Design Technology, Science, Geography


Make Rain Happy - Anglian Water
Investigations, practical activities and water saving actions
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Geography, Science

Water Futures - Thames21
Set of three lessons
KS3, KS4
Geography, Science, Design Technology, Maths

Marine Conservation Society  
Range of resources covering marine wildlife, ocean pollution and sustainable seafood
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4
Geography, Science, Design Technology, Maths, ICT

Plastic Free Schools 
45min lesson on oceans and the climate crisis
KS2, KS3


Countryside Classroom
Database of food, farming and environmental learning themed resources
Searchable by all key stages
Searchable by all subjects

Pip & Pat's Veg Adventure - Kids Kitchen

Garden Organic - part of the Food for Life Schools Award
Comprehensive advice and activities for food growing with all ages

Map Your Meal: Food explorers toolkit - Global Dimensions
Varied lessons and tool organised by appetisers, main course and dessert
UKS2, KS3, KS4
Citizenship, Food and Nutrition, Philosophy, PSHE, Geography, English 

Too Good To Go
Range of lesson packs and case studies focused on food waste
KS3, KS4, KS5 / Post 16

Transport and Travel

Sustainable Travel Literacy and Numeracy education resource - Sustrans
Set of 28 lessons/activities
Math, English

Air Pollution Citizen Science - Primary Science Teaching Trust
Set of powerpoint lessons and access to Defra data
Science, Maths, Literacy

Freedom to Breath - Blue Air 
Assemblies and lesson plans
KS2, KS3
Science, Geography, Citizenship, PSHE, Art, Design Technology

How should we get there?  - Subject to Climate
One lesson

Circular Economy & Waste

Search for 'E-waste' on The Pod
Wide range of lesson plans and other resources
Predominantly KS2, KS3
Cross subject

Save Food: Do Good - UN FAO
Detailed resource packs with two core lessons
KS2, KS3, KS4
English, Geography, Maths

Behind the Seams - Traid
Six lesson plans on different aspects of fast fashion
KS3, KS4
Business studies, Geography, Design Technology, PSHE 

Circular Economy and Design - Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Six lesson plans (scroll down)
KS3, KS4, KS5
Business studies, Economics, Science, Geography, Design Technology, PSHE 


Climate Justice

Introduction to Climate Justice - Our Future, Our Climate
One lesson plan (set to USA curriculum)
KS3, KS4 

Equality & Justice Curriculum - Thought Box
Four lessons including plans, resources and notes for parents/teachers
KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, Post 16
Cross subject

How Will You Reboot the Future - Global Dimensions
Six teaching guides based on a series of short films and an e-book
KS4, KS5
Cross subject

Nature & Resilience 

Tree Tools for Schools - Woodland Trust
Resources for teaching outdoors, assemblies and tree planting/ care advice
KS1, KS2, KS3
Cross subject

Teaching Tools about Biodiversity - WWF
Toolkit with lesson plans organised by subject based on the WWF Living Planet Report: Youth Edition
Science, Language, Arts, Math, Social Studies, STEM

Forces of nature: learning about resilience - British Red Cross
Single lesson about a real natural disaster, resilience and challenges
Age 11 - 16
PSHE, Tutor time

Green Careers

Green Careers Week – 6th - 11th November 2023
A partnership between Careers Week, STEM Learning and DfE

80,000 Hours 
Podcast and guidance on how to make your career have positive impact

Working for a Greener Waltham Forest
Information on green businesses and job opportunities

Transform Our World: Careers Conversations
Set of videos for students about different green jobs