big climate conversation 2023 logo on a background of a simplified light green earth, with a few tree icons over south america, australia and asia.

Big Climate Conversation 2023

In 2023, The Big Climate Conversation on the theme of Less Flooding, More Wilding took place over the whole of November. 

The main 'conversation' is two 40-minute lessons which all teachers can lead themselves followed by a Citizen Climate Science research challenge. The resources are differentiated for primary and secondary age.

  • The classroom based lesson includes survey. The online survey is no longer active but you can carry out the same survey on paper.
  • The outdoor lesson is an investigation into permeability and rain run-off. 
  • New knowledge and findings are put to use in a mapping exercise which can contribute to borough wide Citizen Climate Science research. You can still email us your results.

Free resources for running The Big Climate Conversation are available here along with extension activity ideas.