children holding plants in soil

Natural Ways to Wellbeing

This full day workshop is suitable for Primary and Secondary aged pupils and covers all areas of PSHE objectives and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing framework. We can tailor your programme to the ability of your class and to a particular aspect you may wish to nurture, e.g. self-esteem or teamwork. The whole day will inspire you and your class in the many ways nature can support their mental and physical wellbeing. You will come away with a memorable experience and many transferable tools to continue using in your setting.

Learning objectives

  • Explore emotions through a range of methods, to increase self-awareness and expression.
  • Build a toolkit of self-regulation approaches to use in everyday life, including body-based and mindfulness techniques.
  • Discover the role of nature in a healthy, happy lifestyle by breaking barriers to outdoor activity.
  • Develop relationships with self, others and nature, through a novel environment and fun challenges.
  • Raise awareness of our power and potential to contribute.

Tailoring to your group
The inclusive programme is designed to appeal to multiple learning styles and abilities. It can be further can be adapted for the needs and abilities of your group. The core activities should support a spectrum of wellbeing, but you can choose a more intensive focus on:

  • Teamwork and social skills
  • Emotional regulation strategies
  • Resilience in the face of change